Digitizing Civil Rights in Brooklyn: A Collaborative Project with the Brooklyn Public Library

LIS 665: Projects in Digital Archives, Pratt Institute, Spring 2017

Project URLhttp://brklyncore.prattsi.org/

Brooklyn Core Oral History.png

Brooklyn CORE Oral History

This project was completed by students in Dr. Anthony Cocciolo's course, LIS 665-01 Projects in Digital Archives in Spring 2017. Projects in Digital Archives students collaborated with Brooklyn Public Library to digitize audio interviews from their Civil Rights in Brooklyn Collection. The course project focused on creating an online exhibition around an oral history project titled “Civil Rights in Brooklyn Oral History Collection.” This involved reformatting of compact audiocassette and making available an exhibition online for The Brooklyn Public Library. The recordings include interviews with notable civil rights activists from the Brooklyn chapter of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE). In these interviews, members of Brooklyn CORE describe their efforts to combat housing discrimination, segregation in Brooklyn's public schools, and inadequate municipal services in the 1960s. The finding aid for the collection is available on BPL’s website.

I served as a member of the Curatorial Team, which provided an opportunity to contribute to the enrichment and accessibility of the Brooklyn Public Library’s Brooklyn Collection. The Curatorial Team had four primary goals: to curate the collection in a way that makes it meaningful to end-users; to create research materials around the collection; to make those materials available to end-users online; to find additional materials to augment the collection. In this website, we attempt to provide various entry points from which users may engage with these stories and build an understanding of the dynamic work of Brooklyn CORE.

Project URLhttp://brklyncore.prattsi.org/

"Curating the Civil Rights in Brooklyn Collection" by Mia Bruner, Tiffany Carcamo, Karalyn Mark, Jo Polanco.